25 Ağustos 2008 Pazartesi

some drawings after csssa

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Jonny Gomez dedi ki...

your drawing are great... your right about not being able to comprehend what the figure is actually doing, but abstraction doesnt have to spell out anything. keep that in mind. going in and out something "real" and something "abstract" can really give your work a dimension of thoughtfulness. so try this...

i hope you have some charcoal pencils that are smaller for better deatil.


these are great cause u dont have to stop to sharpen them when they break. but be careful not to drop them.

so try maintaining that looseness but slow down and really capture certain things that make the drawing "feel" like your subject.

also... these are my suggestions and ultimately you have to find your own way through this. it'll happen as u start to search more.


Georges Suerat
HEnry Moore
kathe kollawitz
david hockney
marie Laurencin

sophie dedi ki...

hey yaz, it's sophie - these drawings are amazing! that's so cool that you went back to figure drawing right away after csssa, i'm still waiting for the classes at my local community college to open. hopefully they won't be at the same time as school. anyway, just wanted to say hi 8)

Cristina Sam Amin dedi ki...

Yaz, these are siick. I mean. Amazing. I'm loving the loose, abstract style you've got going on here. All of these drawings were totally appealing to me as I was looking at them. GREAT work!